~ Redefining Recertification ~

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Welcome to our school!

Our goal is to redefine recertification by offering pre-approved continuing education credits that are fun, unique and convenient.


You are in the right place if you want to handle your recertification:

1. with a bottle of wine

2. in your pajamas

3. while you are supposed to be working

4. or on your commute.

We know HR.

HR can be frustrating, hysterical, unbelievable and head-shaking.Working in HR can inspire our faith in humanity as quickly as it can take it away. Regardless of what comes at us, we are supposed to maintain our game face, stay professional and offer solutions.That can be fun - and tough.

We want to embrace those challenges as learning opportunities. And we want to create an honest, open, judgment-free environment that allows us to acknowledge, laugh at and grow from the unique situations we face.

Our approach is rooted in a few deeply held beliefs. We believe enthusiasm is inspiring and inspiration is contagious. Real power comes from knowledge. Leadership can be learned. And everyone benefits from encouragement.

Our goal is to get you excited about your work so excelling becomes effortless.

Our courses are available 24/7, on any device. Downloadable lectures allow you to listen on your commute. PowerPoint presentations mean you can participate at your desk and still be productive. And our live, online courses offer a fun, unique way to network, learn and meet your recertification goals from wherever you are.


Why choose betterHR?

~ Because our Founder has 20 years of HR & Leadership experience ~

~ Because our Technical Advisor has 20 years of experience creating, maintaining and supporting online service environments ~

~Because our Education Advisors have almost 100 years of teaching, curriculum development and learning expertise ~

Still wondering whether our courses are right for you?

Check out these thoughts from past students.

"I really enjoyed the lectures, activities and the way you communicated with us!"

- Gerae K, HR Pro

"Often hilarious, sometimes tender, Catherine will take you well beyond what you thought possible."

- Lisa C., MS, RN, FNP

"Thank you Catherine; I really enjoyed the class and especially your teaching style made it more interesting."

- Kourosh Z, CPA


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~ Redefining Recertification ~

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